Jason Goes to Target

This weekend we decided that we would do some re-arranging so Jason has more room to play and Mom and Dad have more room to walk. We took a trip to our favorite store Target. Jason seems to enjoy shopping at Target as much as we do. He usually sleeps peacefully or checks out the many wonderful items for sale at low prices. At Target, we always expect more and pay less!

We found the perfect bookcase for the living room. The price was not marked, so we decided that we would buy it as long as it was less than $100. At the check out we were pleasantly shocked to find that the bookcase was $31!

Mom and Dad assembled the bookcase, moved the existing entertainment center, and got everything plugged back into the right places. Then we relaxed by watching Planet of the Apes with Jason.

Here are some pictures of Target, the new bookcase, and Jason!

Jason at TargetJason's bookcaseJason is Happy

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