Archives for December 2008

Merry Christmas Jason!

It’s Christmas already? Time went fast as Mom wrapped hundreds of gifts and Dad launched a big new website. Jason is now up to seven teeth. He says a few discernible words, most specifically “Mom” and “Dad.” He has also been standing without holding onto anything for 10 seconds or more. He also enjoyed our first major snow of the season.

Below are some recent pictures of Jason in the snow, Jason with Dad in the snow, and Jason with Mom and her big gift. Some pictures from Christmas will be posted in the next few days!

Almost Christmas Pictures

We’ve been working on getting out Christmas picture taken as a family. Below are pictures from our “warm up attempt.” We went to Sears and enjoyed their waiting room for an hour before snapping our own pictures and going home. We will get our photos done at Kiddie Kandids tomorrow.

Note to world: Don’t go to Sears for photos.

Jason Clapping

About a week ago Jason started clapping for the first time. His Grandmother has been trying to teach him for a while and it finally paid off. Jason now claps and waves periodically throughout the day.

He’s also crawling much faster nowadays. He’s been going all over the house, but his favorite place still seems to be the kitchen.

Below are two recent pictures of Jason. In the first, he is smiling wide and showing all of his six teeth. In the second, he is showing off his clapping.

Making Friends and Celebrating Thanksgiving

It’s been a busy past few week for Jason and family. Two weekends ago, we invited friends over and Jason made friends with their 19 month old daughter. Below you will see them playing together with the Around We Go. The following day, Mom and Dad went on a quick vacation to celebrate their Anniversary. We went to Mystic Connecticut, where it was nearly deserted. That suited us fine!

The following week was Thanksgiving. We went to the Connecticut Grandparents household to celebrate. The food was great and Jason had a fun time playing with his cousins. Below is a picture of Jason and Mom on Thanksgiving Day!