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Jason in Florida

We took Jason on his second big trip. This time we went to Florida!

Jason was very well behaved while traveling and had a lot of fun. We stayed at a resort where he enjoyed playing in the pool. We went to Magic Kingdom and he kept shouting “Baby!” in the Hall of Presidents. We also played mini golf, went shopping, and went out for dinner each night. The best dinner was at Cici’s Pizza!

Here are a few pictures of Jason in Florida.

Jason at the pool

Jason at Magic Kingdom

Jason Eating with Music

Just a quick video that I really like. Jason is eating some avocado while music is playing. (It is one of my favorite CDs of all time: Star by Belly from 1993).

Lately, he wants to take the telephone or video camera every time he sees us using it. I had to sneak up on him to get him on video before he noticed.

Jason at Birthday Parties

Since the last update, Jason has attended two birthday parties. The first was for his cousin George and the second was for his Mom!

Jason had a great time playing with his cousins and the other children. He played on a small bike and also in a big inflatable castle with a slide.

At Mom’s party, he ate a lot of food and cake. He was very polite and well behaved.

Below are some pictures from the events. Enjoy!

Jason on grass

Jason in castle

Jason and Mom