Archives for February 2009

Jason’s First Steps

About a week ago Jason started taking one or two tentative steps. They were tiny steps and usually taken when he was close to his destination, usually a table or toy he could hold onto. Later in the week, he was taking bigger steps and starting to seem more confident. Yesterday, I was happy when I captured him on video taking a few steps.

Just as we were getting used to Jason taking a few small steps, this morning he surprised us by walking across the entire room! We have him on video from this morning- walking!

Jason Shopping

We had a difficult start to February. Jason had a fever and was not able to keep food down. This lasted for the entire week, leaving us worried and exhausted. The doctor said it was a virus.

This week Jason showed steady improvement. By the middle of the week, he was playing and laughing again. By the weekend, we were comfortable taking him out again. Here is a picture of him at Stop & Shop. It’s also the first time we put him in the carriage.

Jason Shopping