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Jason’s Newest Trick

This week Jason discovered a new trick.

He supports himself on his hands and knees, rocks back and forth, and then tries to leap forward. He seems to prefer this new style of leaping to his old style of crawling.

Here’s a video of Jason leaping around his crib.

Jason on the Playground

Jason had a fun time on the playground this Sunday with his grandparents and cousin.

The playground is a quick walk across the street. The weather was nice and Jason had his favorite hat. He always enjoys seeing new things and having fun with family. After all the fun he was ready for a nap!

Jason PlaygroundJason PlaygroundJason is Happy

Jason Eating and First Tooth!

This Friday we had a happy surprise. We noticed that Jason had his first tooth! It’s one of his lower front teeth.

We also recently started feeding Jason solid foods. So far he has tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and carrots. He seems to like the rice cereal the best and is now eating quite skillfully.

Another Jason Video

We’re still having some fun with making videos of Jason. Here’s the happy little boy!

Jason Crawling

Jason is almost five months old and has started to make his first efforts at crawling. Here’s the video.

Good Morning Jason!

Lately, Jason has been having more fun in his crib. He’s been rolling, pushing himself up, and attempting to crawl. We lowered the bed level since he was starting to reach up and almost touch the top railing.

Here he is peeking out to say “Good morning!”

Jason Peeking

Jason Goes to Target

This weekend we decided that we would do some re-arranging so Jason has more room to play and Mom and Dad have more room to walk. We took a trip to our favorite store Target. Jason seems to enjoy shopping at Target as much as we do. He usually sleeps peacefully or checks out the many wonderful items for sale at low prices. At Target, we always expect more and pay less!

We found the perfect bookcase for the living room. The price was not marked, so we decided that we would buy it as long as it was less than $100. At the check out we were pleasantly shocked to find that the bookcase was $31!

Mom and Dad assembled the bookcase, moved the existing entertainment center, and got everything plugged back into the right places. Then we relaxed by watching Planet of the Apes with Jason.

Here are some pictures of Target, the new bookcase, and Jason!

Jason at TargetJason's bookcaseJason is Happy

Muscoot Farm

This Sunday Jason went to Muscoot Farm in Somers, NY with Mom and Dad.

We did some shopping at an outdoor farmer’s market for peppers, tomatoes, peaches, corn, and a home made chocolate torte. The vegetables were very fresh and the cake was delicious.

After shopping, we took a walk around the farm. Jason met many different animals including chickens, turkeys, goats, donkeys, horses, sheep, cows, and a dirty huge pig.

The pig said groot, groot.

Jason shoppingJason similingHuge Pig