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Jason Dancing

Today I watched Jason while Hristina went to my cousin’s wedding shower. We had a fun day, which included a walk to Starbucks, playing outside, running around inside, and a little bit of dancing.

I also finally took the time to figure out how to transfer and edit videos from the new video camera I bought Hristina for her birthday. Before this, we were using a Flip video camera, which is actually much easier to use for editing and uploading.

Here’s a video of Jason dancing. Don’t mind the mismatching socks… I dressed him today. He’s holding the (missing) sock and a wooden letter block from his bench.

The song is from Toad the Wet Sprocket. Hristina and I recently saw the lead guy Glen Phillips perform in Tarrytown from front row seats.

Growing Up Fast

Jason has been growing up fast.

A few months ago, he took his first steps, then almost immediately started to walk, now he is practically running, especially if he has gotten a hold of something he’s not supposed to have!

Jason now says many different words or sounds and tries to identify things. He says “Hi” at the beginning (and sometimes the end) of telephone conversions. He says “Ma,” which he uses to identify a monkey, a cat, a dog, a squirrel, or most other animals. Also sometimes his mother. He says “Ga” for birds. He makes a “Brum-Brum” sound when he sees cars. Lately he says “De.”

Jason has also gotten into the habit of pointing to this he wants to pick up or hold, such as the telephone or remote control. He also points to things he wants eat or drink like his water bottle or food.

Jason likes pushing buttons on his toys (or our telephones, computers, and electronics). He likes opening and closing doors, drawers, or containers. He likes being outside and being with his family.

Soon Jason will celebrate Easter. It will be the first holiday he has celebrated twice!

Jason’s First Birthday Party

This post is a bit belated, but Jason had his First Birthday Party on March 21, 2009. We celebrated the party at his Grandparent’s house in Connecticut.

We were very happy that so many people were able to come to the party including some of Jason’s aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, Grandparents, and Great Grandmother. It was nice weather for March in Connecticut so we were able to spend some time playing outside with all of the children who attended. The food was great, the cake was beautiful, and we think everyone had fun!

Thank you to everyone who was able to celebrate Jason’s first birthday with us, and thank you for all of the wonderful gifts!

In all of the excitement, we actually didn’t take very many pictures. If anyone has any pictures that they can share from the party, please send to Hristina or Mike.

Below is one of the few photos we took of Jason with birthday hat and party noise maker.

Jason Birthday Boy!