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Jason, Max and Ruby

For about a month, all Jason would want to watch was Max and Ruby. When not watching the show, he would play with his Max and Ruby beanie babies or want us to read his Goodnight Max book.

This has been one of several phases that Jason has gone through involving nonstop playing, talking about, and watching one particular show or movie. It started with a few months of Barney, followed by a few months of Elmo, many months of Cars, and then Thomas the Train.

After his brief break with Max and Ruby, Jason has gone back to Thomas.

He also likes playing with toilet paper.

Jason, Trains, and Accidents

When Jason plays with his trains, he usually narrates what the trains are doing. Here is a five minute sequence of trains averting or making accidents.

Catch Me Daddy

This started off as a video of Robert, but ended up as a video of Jason…

Jason and Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween, Jason was dressed as a mouse. His grandmother Mila made the costume for Jason’s father many years ago.

Jason went to a party at Hrisina’s office where he collected a lot of candy and ate a lollipop. On Halloween night, he went trick or treating around his neighborhood.

Below are a few recent pictures. Lately, Jason has been very difficult to take pictures of, since he is always running around and doesn’t look at the camera.

Jason Halloween

Jason, Robert, and Bill