Archives for January 2009

Jason Walking…. Almost!

We think Jason is just about ready to walk. Right now he still holds onto our hands or the furniture to get around. Here’s a video of him making his way towards the remote controls.

Jason Dancing

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a video. Here you can see Jason standing, clapping, and dancing!

Belated Happy New Year!

It’s been a busy few weeks for Jason and family after Christmas. The weekend after Christmas, we visited Lyndhurst Castle in New York with friends. Then, we celebrated New Year’s at a restaurant in Yonkers with Yanko and Ani. The following week we visited Jason’s Godparents for drinks and dinner. The next day we took a short trip to Philadelphia. This past weekend, we celebrated Great Grandma’s 90th birthday in Connecticut.

Jason is becoming more and more active and interested in the world around him. He enjoys meeting new children and going to new places. We think he is starting to understand things we tell him, and is making a variety of new sounds.

Here are pictures of our big boy and some of his friends.

Jason on Truck

Jason and Friend

Jason and Friend 2