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Photos at Babies R Us

Friday afternoon Jason went to Babies R Us to get photos taken. It was the first time he had professional pictures done.

As soon as we arrived Jason was smiling and ready to go. Unfortunately, we had to wait a few minutes. The picture below is one of the non-professional shots we took with our camera in the waiting room.

Once Jason sat down for the photos he experienced a little bit of stage fright, but with some playful coaxing he was smiling once again. The photographer did a great job of capturing Jason at his best. We were very pleased with the photos of our happy boy.

Grandparents look for your prints soon!

Jason smiling

Ruby Tuesday and Southford Falls

On Saturday we took a trip to Connecticut to visit Jason’s Grandparents.

After a mid-afternoon thunderstorm, we all had a delicious lunch/dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Jason slept through the entire meal- even dessert!

Then we took a trip to Southford Falls. Jason woke up and enjoyed the park. We saw some ducks and a man got his fishing pole stuck in a tree.

To finish the day, Mr. Grandpa showed some old home videos of Young Mike receiving a special gift.

Jason showed off sitting in his bebePOD.


Harbor Island Park

This weekend, we went to Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck.

On the way, we stopped at Starbucks and saw a huge Washington Mutual Bank. We lamented the recent fall of IndyMac Bank and placed odds on whether WaMu would be next.

At the park, we went for a walk, enjoyed the playground, and strategized about this website. The playground was a lot of fun and there were many other children and babies there.

All of the ice cubes in the iced coffee melted.


My website is coming soon…

This website will get more interesting later.