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Jason’s Mini Vacation

Last weekend Jason, parents, and grandparents went on a short vacation in Massachusetts.

Jason slept nearly the entire car ride there and was very well behaved the entire trip. We all spent plenty of time outside and shopping. We watched “The Terminal.” We had two nice dinners at Friendly’s and Arizona Pizza.

The pictures below show a brief stop near a lake and at an organic farm. The final picture is Jason back at home in his exersaucer!

Jason WaterJason FlowersJason Sunlight

Jason in the Exersaucer

Here is a video of Jason in his exersaucer from this weekend. Lately he has been very active and making many interesting sounds. Watch him play and listen near the end of the video!

Six Months Old Today!

Today Jason is six months old.

Happy 6 months Jason!

six months old

Weekend at Home

This weekend the family stayed mostly at home with a few trips out.

On Friday night, we went to the White Plains Burlington Coat Factory to buy Jason a new stroller. The new stroller lets him sit up, is lighter, and folds up smaller. At night we watched the South Park movie. It wasn’t that great.

Saturday, we had a quick trip to Target. The store was surprisingly crowded, in fact, there were no shopping carriages available. Was the shopping spree in anticipation of the hurricane or did the recession end on Friday? At night we watched the new Die Hard movie. It was incredible!

Sunday, we had a visit from Grandparents Mila and Bill. We had a nice walk and dinner together. Jason had a wonderful time!

In other news Jason now has two bottom teeth showing and we think he has been saying “Mom”!

JasonJason and MikeJason and Hristina