Jason Turns 4 Years Old

Today, Jason turned 4 years old!

Jason has grown up to become a happy, inquisitive, and active boy. He enjoys going to pre-school five days a week in the morning to see his friends, learn letters and numbers, and work on projects. Several of his friends have visited for play dates. Jason’s current favorite thing is Sonic the Hedgehog (the old Sega game, three different cartoon series, several books, and an action figure for 20 points of articulation). He also likes hide and seek. Jason has become more independent and likes to do many things by himself. His favorite foods are chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and cumum (cucumber) and cheese.

A few pictures from his birthday so far are shown below. He had a few presents in the morning and then had cupcakes at his school. Next week, we will have a family party for both Jason and Robert. Some time in April/May, we will have a children’s party for all of Jason and Robert’s friends.

For a flashback, here is Jason’s first birthday, second birthday, and third birthday. (Click on the links.)


  1. Happy Birthday big boy! Love you, mom

  2. Happy 4th Birthday Jason!
    You look very nice in your pictures and seemed to be having a very fun time.
    Grandpa and Lola

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