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Jason in Bulgaria 2

Our vacation sure went fast! Early tomorrow we will fly back to the US. Here are some pictures of Jason and parents and Jason in water. In case we haven’t mentioned it before, Jason loves water!

By the way, I have updated the website header photos to reflect an older, “more mature” Jason. We think he has grown up a lot during the trip so I thought it was fitting.

Jason in Belitsa with Mom

Jason in Belitsa with Dad

Jason in the water

Jason in Bulgaria

Right after Jason attended his first wedding, Jason took his first international trip. We left for Bulgaria on Sunday afternoon and arrived safely and on time in Sofia.

We have now been in Bulgaria for more than a week and visited many different relatives and seen many different towns. Our trip has already ranged from the city to the mountains, and included views of ancient ruins, beautiful nature, and wonderful goats.

More pictures will be coming soon. For now, here is Jason test driving our rental car, a family picture, and Jason waiting for dinner.
Jason driving

Jason and family

Jason sitting