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Jason’s First Day of School

On January 3, 2011, Jason started going to Pre-School. He will go to school each day from 8:45 to 11:15, five days a week.

Initially he was a little bit nervous, but after a few days he is already starting to enjoy it. Every day when we pick him up, he tells us a little bit about his day.

Most recently, he told me that he drove a car, ate an orange, and listened to his teacher read a book about a Snowman. Later, I asked him what he learned, and he responded, “Orange!”

Here is a picture of Jason on his first day, and a recent video of him playing with trains. He has learned to say “Cheese” when we are taking his picture.

Jason’s Christmas 2010

Jason enjoyed another Christmas and New Years!

Christmas Eve was spent at home with his Mom, Dad, Robert, Baba, and Dado. Jason built a gingerbread house with his father. It came out very nicely, but was not very structurally sound. We had a fire and a very nice dinner. Jason’s favorite gift (in Mike’s opinion) was a big set of Thomas trains, tracks, and accessories.

The following day, we all traveled to Oxford, CT to visit more family and have lunch at Aunt Janet’s house.