Jason Going on 1.5 Years Old

Next week Jason will be one and a half years old!

He’s been growing up fast. He says many different words and has many fun ways of playing and expressing himself. He says “blueberry”, “strawberry”, “apple”, “don’t”, “did”, “no”, “yeah”, “baby”, “up”, “down”, “water”, “on”, “go”, “hi”, “bye”, “this”, “ball”, “gimme” “done” “wow” and some words he made up himself like “bebo”, “onie” and “dowa”. There are many more words that he can say and understand, with the list growing every day. He also tries to repeat things we say, even if he doesn’t know what the words mean yet.

For playing, he likes to put on Mom’s slippers and walk around the house. Lately he has also been taking my place at the computer every time I leave my chair. He has been a great help and an asset to the business!

Below are two pictures of his favorite household activities and a video from today. Enjoy! (In the video, the house is a mess because I was babysitting.)

Jason in slippers

Jason at work

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