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Overview of the Game

Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! was released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It quickly became very popular for it's outrageous characters, great difficulty challenge, and the underdog story of the main character, Little Mac, who must fight his way up the professional boxing circuits leading to a final fight with real-life boxer, the then-World Heavyweight Champion, Mike Tyson.

Little Mac has a limited repertoire compared to most of his opponents. His punches are limited to left and right jabs, left and right body blows, and a powerful uppercut. The uppercut can only be used once the player earns a star, which is typically accomplished by counter-punching the opponent directly before or after certain attacks are launched. The player can acquire up to three stars. To perform the uppercut, the player needs to press the start button once a star is earned. To defend, Mac can dodge left or right, duck, and block punches by putting up his guard.

Little Mac also has a heart meter, which decreases by three upon being struck by an opponent and one upon blocking an attack or an opponent blocking/dodging the player's attack. When the heart meter decreases to zero, Little Mac temporarily turns pink and appears exhausted, leaving the player unable to attack but still able to dodge or block. At this point, Mac can regain some hearts (and his normal color palette) only by avoiding the opponent's punches. He immediately loses all of his hearts upon being knocked down, but can regain some by getting up.

A bout can end by knockout (KO), if a fighter is unable to get up within ten seconds after being knocked down; by technical knockout (TKO), if a fighter is knocked down three times in one round; or by decision, if the bout lasts three full rounds without a clear winner. In order to win by decision, the player must accumulate higher than a certain point total by punching the opponent and/or knocking him down (different boxers require different point totals to win by decision). However, some bouts cannot be won in this manner and will automatically result in a loss for the player if the opponent is not knocked out. Mac can only get up three times during any one bout; if he is knocked down a fourth time, he will be unable to rise and thus lose by knockout.

When Mac loses his first bout to a ranked opponent, he will have a chance to fight a rematch. However, if he loses a Title Bout, he will fall in the rankings - one place for the Minor or Major Circuits, two places for the World Circuit. Losing a rematch causes him to fall one place (unless he is already at the bottom of his circuit), forcing him to fight his way back up. A third loss (not necessarily a consecutive one) ends the game. The exception is the final fight against Mike Tyson; a loss to them automatically results in a game over.

The Dream Fight


  1. Minor Circuit
  2. Major Circuit
  3. World Circuit
  4. The Dream Fight

Opponent Statistics

Opponent Statistics
Name Age Weight Origin Record
Glass Joe 38 110 lbs Paris, France 1-99 (1 KO)
Von Kaiser 42 144 lbs Berlin, Germany 23-13 (10 KO)
Piston Honda 28 174 lbs Tokyo, Japan 26-1 (18 KO)
Don Flamenco 23 152 lbs Madrid, Spain 22-3 (9 KO)
King Hippo ?? ??? Hippo Island, South Pacific 18-9 (18 KO)
Great Tiger 29 123 lbs Bombay, India 24-5 (3 KO)
Bald Bull 36 298 lbs Istambul, Turkey 34-4 (29 KO)
Soda Popinski 35 237 lbs Moscow, USSR 33-2 (24 KO)
Mr. Sandman 31 284 lbs Philadelphia, PA, USA 27-2 (21 KO)
Super Macho Man 27 242 lbs Hollywood, CA, USA 35-0 (29 KO)
Mike Tyson 21 220 lbs Catskill, NY, USA 31-0 (27 KO)

Opponent Quotes

Glass Joe"This is my last match! I'm too old for fighting!"

Von Kaiser"Your punch is soft... just like your heart!"

Piston Honda"I'll give you a TKO from Tokyo!"

Don Flemenco"I'm a beautiful fighter. I have such a style!"

King Hippo"I feel like eating. After I win, lets go to lunch! Ha Ha Ha!"

Great Tiger"A kitten is no match for a tiger!"

Bald Bull"My Barber didn't know when to quit... Do you?"

Soda Popinski"Would you like some punch to drink? Ha, ha, ha!"

Mr. Sandman"I think you're gonna have a nightmare tonight!"

Super Macho Man"I work on my tan harder than I'll have to work on you!"

Mike Tyson"You think the speed of your fingers can match the strength of my fists?"


These passwords will allow you to start from further in the game:


Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! Longplay

Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! Speed Run - 16:25.89

Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! Blindfolded

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